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Who am I?


I am a multidisciplinary artist and designer with a focus on costume design, textiles, performance and sustainability and a diverse background in tailoring & fashion, philosophy & theology. In 2023 I finished my Master's in Costume Design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp. In the context of my Master's research, I reflected on the un-curated materialization of contentment by the practice of flow through the concept of auto-ethnography.  I am driven by capturing feelings, emotions, moments through multiple artistic languages sharing them in a unique piece of art or through storytelling on stage or screen.I


Currently, I am working as a Costume Assistant for Scenographer Marie Antikainen in Kuopio, Finland.


What is my mission?


I love to reflect in a play- and colourful way through costumes, scenographies, textiles, graphics, installations and words on topics close to my heart like identity, inclusion, connection, deceleration, transcience and sustainability. I am interested in questions of distinctivness, self, and our connection / disconnection to the world and things themselves. I implement the factor of "slow" - out of conviction" into most of my works and research. I am a curious individual that in general likes to experiment with new / differnt materialities. 

My oeuvre balances between designing costumes and sets for theatre, dance, opera, film, performance or any story telling context, creating textile and installational art, producing exclusive design pieces but also researching, writing and performing. 

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