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Costume Design

Visual & Applied Arts





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Costume & Scenography

 My costume designs and scenographies are closely linked to dramaturgical reflections. I offer styling based concepts ( be it food, exhibition, fashion etc.)  as well as material based story telling that enables to support a narrative. A versatile approach towards projects in exchange with other creative forces involved is key. Speaking of me personally, I prefer expressing my creative output  through the use of colours, patterns and shapes. 

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Applied Arts & Design

 Fashion and Textile design are a vivid part of my creative output. I regularly work on textile based design projects either for personal or commercial use. 

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Art & Performance

Art and performative practice is my megaphone when it comes to the personally critical development of topics that affect me. I examine the versatility of visualizing emotions and conditions. Questions of identity, authenticity and doubt as well as failure are reocurring topics. 

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Research & Sustainability

I am inspired by major interpersonal and social questions and issues as well as investigating sustainable solutions in the fields I am busy in. The subject matter of "Time" is  a great inspiration for me and  closely linked to the ecological questions of this day and age.

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